LG announced earlier this week it acquired webOS from HP to be used in its brand of Smart TVs, although they didn’t a timeframe on when exactly consumers could expect to see webOS-powered Smart TVs.

According to The Verge’s sources, and loosely confirmed by LG VP of communications John Taylor, we can expect LG Smart TVs to run on webOS starting in early 2014, with a launch possibly expected at CES.

Not only with webOS be available on LG’s Smart TVs, but the company also plans to integrate it into its main TV products. WebOS-powered TVs would ship in “82 countries with multiple screen sizes and price points,” according to LG’s North American VP of smart TV, Samuel Chang.

The only questions that’s left to answer now is how exactly will LG make the webOS platform work on their brand of TVs. Considering much of the OS was touch-based, we’d guess a visual-tracking device may be necessary in order to get full use of LG’s television sets. If not, then we guess a remote could work too, but manipulating your TV with a remote is so 2010.

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