[MWC 2013] LG has been looking into using webOS on its brand of Smart TVs since this past October, and it looks like the company likes what it saw as it’s announcing it is acquiring the platform to be used in its Smart TVs.

LG acquiring webOS from HP means they’ll obtain the source code for the OS, its related documents, engineering talent and all websites related to webOS. LG will also receive HP’s licenses for use of its webOS products and all patents HP originally received from Palm. LG also announced it would continue to support Palm customers who are using webOS devices.

Once again, the acquisition of the webOS platform in no way means LG will be using it for its smartphones, especially since they can’t even commit to Windows Phone 8, although its commitment to FireFox Mobile OS has left many scratching their heads. The only way you could expect to see webOS again is through LG’s Smart TVs. Exactly when we could expect to see that happen is yet to be seen.

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