San Francisco based Always Innovating  is in the process of creating MeCam, a camera that will fly and follow you wherever you want to go. The MeCam is a quadcopter is fitted with a tiny digital camera and as such, it is be capable of taking pictures and capturing stabilized video, thanks to three different video algortihms. It will also have the option to upload the footage to smartphones as well as directly to Facebook, twitter and more.  That sounds like a lot of functions for such a small device, but it is controlled by an Arm Cortex A9 CPU, which is quite popular as a CPU core for smartphones.

The quadcopter will not be controlled by a remote. Users can either voice control it or use it in a “follow mode”, in which the quadcopter follows the user.  The whole gadget is small enough to fit in the palm of a hand and will be able to fly from it as well.  The quadcopter has 14 sensors that will make the quadcopter more stable and if you are afraid of shocks, the small copter doesn’t bump into walls thanks to dedicated proximity sensors and .

Always Innovating is not going to produce the quadcopter itself, but offers it on a technology licensing basis for now.  This leaves a lot of room for people to experiment with various cameras.  The suggested retail price of each unit is $49 with a launch date of early 2014. Concerns have already started rising from groups about privacy and how these little drones can be misused. How would you use it? (and what’s the battery life?…)

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