jsdfHow many of you out there were exposed to the Transformers for the first time in your life through Michael Bay’s effort on the silver screen? Well, if you so happen to fall under that particular category, might I encourage you to check out the entire back history and story of the Transformers over the years so that you would not end up thinking that there is no such Transformer out there that is as large as an entire planet. Having said that, it is always cool to have a vehicle which changes its shape to that of a robot, and the folks over at the JDSF – Japan Self Defense Force might be on to something with this unique looking anime-inspired helicopter design that you see above.

Known as the Fuujin attack helicopter, it seems to be more fantasy than reality, and that is exactly what this is – the brainchild and inspiration of a DeviantArt-ist and ex-Lucasfilms animator who hails from Indonesia. Should the good people pick up this particular design concept and implement it in real life, expect to see the world go abuzz over it in no time at all.

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