“I believe I can fly” must have been playing in the background or in the lady’s head, as she seems to have mastered the art of flying without hopping aboard an airborne vehicle like a plane or helicopter. Instead, it does seem as though she was part of an experiment that relied on a couple of super-powered RC helicopters that do depict the capability of churning up enough thrust so that a full-grown person can be lifted off the ground and to fly around – as long as range and its source of power permits.

I suppose one very practical use for such super-powered RC helicopters would be to use them as delivery drones, assuming the “payload” that they carry is equal to that of a human adult. It remains to be seen whether what the video shows is really happening or not, especially when you take into consideration how German group HeliGraphix specializes in using RC helicopters for both films and stunts. The HULC (Heavy Ultra-Lifter Crane) project required a pair of Gaui X7 helicopters which carried upgraded equipment in order to handle additional weight.

HeliGraphix apparently spent one third of a year and nearly $14,000 on developing this project, and the major drawback would be the batteries – they are completely drained after just 40 seconds of flight. Bummer!

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