This past holiday season, Microsoft launched an online campaign to help make potential Google shoppers aware of their search results being based off of how much a particular retailer has payed Google in order to be listed, and not based on actual search algorithm. The campaign, called Scroogled,was also introduced to have potential Google shoppers use Bing instead.

Today, Microsoft is yet again attacking another Google-owned service as they have turned their website from slamming Google Shopping, to slamming Gmail. The site highlights a number of factors why Gmail shouldn’t be used as Microsoft is informing Gmail users of Google’s ability to track your emails in order to target its advertising to its users.

Microsoft even went as far as to produce a short video highlighting the “Gmail Man,” who absolutely has no regard for mail privacy and brushes off any attempt to question his business ethics.

Of course, the purpose of the Google bashing is in hopes Gmail users will switch to the Microsoft-owned email service,

We actually enjoy both services and would gladly use either one if we needed to. I personally have used Gmail for years and don’t plan to switch to a new email service for some time, but if privacy is of a concern to you, it wouldn’t hurt to check out Outlook.

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