Necessity is the mother of all invention, but what about building stuff just for fun, or out of interest as your hobby? I suppose enthusiasm as well as the constant striving to improve oneself is there in this bunch of Russians, who actually forked out around $1,500 in parts to construct this two-legged Ostrich robot from scratch. You can basically ride on this robot, and we do wish that it resembled more of a Chocobo than an ostrich for that added Final Fantasy element.

The enthusiast-built Russian ostrich robot will rely on a sliding internal weight in order for it to maintain its balance, but of course, since this is not a project by Tony Stark, caution still needs to be used in abundance just in case you slip or something worse happens. The group of robotics enthusiasts who actually built this comprise of an electronics engineer and a an aviation tech, and perhaps they can come up with something better than an Iron Man suit should they have proper funding. Let’s hope they’re on the Stars and Stripes’ side when that happens.

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