As far as next-gen consoles are concerned, Nintendo has shown their hand with the Wii U, and Sony theirs with the PlayStation 4, leaving Microsoft who are still holding their cards pretty close to the chest. Assuming the rumors are correct, April could be when Microsoft will take the wraps off the Xbox 720, but once that is over and done with, which next-gen console will be crowned the “winner”? According to gaming analyst, Michael Pachter, he predicts that Microsoft’s Xbox 720 will be the “winner” and beat out both the PlayStation 4 and the Wii U.

He believes the Xbox 720 will sell 90-95 million units, while the PlayStation 4 will sell less around 85-95 million, with the Wii U at the bottom with 30-50 million units sold. At this point in time it is a little too early to tell which console will prevail, especially since it’s not just the hardware that makes it attractive, but exclusive games and features that makes the gamer buy that particular console over the other. As far as the PS4 is concerned, the actual console itself has yet to be revealed, but from what we’ve learn based on Sony’s press event, the PS4 appears to be geared more towards social gaming and social features, so it will be interesting to see what Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox could bring to the table.

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