Apple says that it regards its user’s security very highly. They’ve delivered yet again on that statement by rolling out two step verification service today for iCloud and Apple ID users. The service allows users to configure a trusted device and use an extra security code, hence providing greater security for their accounts. Right now the two step verification service is available in U.S., U.K, Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand. A trusted device is one that the user has control over, as it will receive 4 digit verification codes either through SMS or Find My iPhone notifications so that the user’s identity can be verified.

When the user has to manage their iCloud or Apple ID from a new device, they’ll need to enter their password as well as the 4 digit verification code to gain access. Access to their account will be denied if both of these requirements are not fulfilled. User’s will also receive a 14 digit recovery key that they’re to print and keep safe, just in case they forget their password or no longer have access to their devices. Apple’s phone support no longer has the ability to reset user accounts. There’s no compulsion, user’s can opt out of two step verification at any time they want. Though that probably won’t be a good idea.

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