Well, well, what do we have here? A company that has decided to take Apple to court? This is definitely something that most folks have taken for granted, considering how Samsung and Apple were trading barbs in the courtroom since last year. The latest lawsuit thrown in Apple’s direction does not come from the South Korean conglomerate, however, as it is a China-based company that decided to sue Apple for a patent infringement that involves Siri, Apple’s voice controlled assistant.

Apple made an appearance in a Shanghai court today, where the Cupertino-based firm had to deal with a patent suit that claimed that the Siri digital assistant which is currently featured in iPhones and iPads is actually software that infringed on the China-based company’s patents. Zhi Zhen Network Technology, received a patent for their Xiao i Robot software in 2006, where Xiao i Robot boasts of voice interactions, and has the smarts to answer questions and carry out simple conversations. A monetary settlement could end up as a result for a happy ending for everyone, but Apple is definitely not going to give up without a fight.

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