Google announced its Chromebook Pixel high-end laptoplast month which features a screen that’s capable of producing ahigh-DPI of 239 dots per inch, which is slightly higher than Apple’s MacBook Pro Retina’s display. Because of this, Apple has quietly removed the “highest-resolution notebook ever” tagline from its MacBook Pro Retina display listing on their website.


The Chromebook Pixel has a 2560 x 1700 resolution, while the MacBook Pro with Retina display only has a 2560 x 1600 resolution. That 100 additional pixels in the Chromebook Pixel’s resolution has earned them the right to be called the “highest-resolution notebook ever” tagline. Apple replaced its original tagline with a new describing the MacBook Pro with Retina display as “High performance has never been so well defined.”

Not only has the description on the main page for Apple’s Retina MacBook Pro been changed, but its Features page has also been tweaked a bit as Apple describes the 13-inch model is “just as impressive” as the 15-inch model. Prior to the update, both models were described as being “in a class of their own.”

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