bb10-ebayThe way computing (mobile or otherwise) has changed works this way – no longer do you be the biggest and baddest force in the market simply because your product has the best hardware specifications. There is no point in having the best hardware when you do not have the right kind of software to support it. Well, BlackBerry’s BlackBerry 10 operating system has been deemed by certain quarters that it will be a “last chance saloon”, so to speak, for the smartphone maker to get things right with consumers. So far, reception has been mixed.


Perhaps the tide is changing for the better for the BlackBerry 10 platform though, as an eBay app has been added to BlackBerry World. Sure, it is no native app on its own, and is but a port from the Android version, but hey, at least something is better than nothing no? You are still able to carry out all of your eBay transactions without missing a beat. It is said that using the eBay app for BlackBerry 10 is a snap, where all you need to do is tap it a couple of times in order to place a bid or make an offer, and you’re good to go.

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