jellyfish-robotJust what is the biggest jellyfish that you have ever come across whenever you are at the seaside, or traveling on a boat over a body of seawater? Well, most of these tend to be small, and the general rule of thumb is this – the smaller they are, the more poisonous it is. Should you come across this five-and-a-half-foot robot jellyfish, surely you would be astonished, and trust the military to be among the first few folks to come up with a use for it – to perform Navy underwater surveillance down the road, of course.

The idea of the Cyro jellyfish robot was realized thanks to the efforts of the team of engineers over at Virginia Tech, and Cyro will be autonomous in nature, sporting eight mechanical legs that ring its metal chassis. Specially designed to mimic the unique, efficient underwater propulsion of a jellyfish, Cyro will come covered in silicone so that it looks just like the real deal when moving underwater, but one thing’s for sure – Cyro lacks the killer instinct, and is extremely heavy, – 170 pounds to be exact.

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