Last month, we caught a glimpse of some screenshots for Final Fantasy X on the PS Vita and we immediately were impressed how well it looked on the system. It looks as though Square Enix is also planning for Final Fantasy X to be made available on the PS3 called “Final Fantasy X HD.”

Final Fantasy X HD on the PS3 seems like it’ll be the ideal version to get as Square Enix will also include its direct sequel, Final Fantasy X-2, along with the game as a bundle, according to a report in Jump Magazine. Both versions of Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 will be based on their International Edition releases, which we’re not entirely sure how they differ from the regular US releases, but we’re sure they’ll be more awesome to play through.

The PlayStation Vita version of Final Fantasy X will not be receiving the additional Final Fantasy X-2, instead, those players will need to purchase both games separately if they want to get the full Final Fantasy X HD experience while they’re on-the-go. Hopefully Square Enix will drop the price a little bit for both Vita versions to equal the PS3 version, or you can expect a number of angry Vita fans taking to their favorite online forums.

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