I am quite sure that at least someone out there most definitely agrees that Google has infringed on their privacy during their Street View mapping project, as this poor sod was caught cheating on his fiancee, which obviously brought him shame and heaps of scorn along the way. Well, Google has acknowledged to state officials that they are guilty of violating people’s privacy throughout their Street View mapping project, as they picked up passwords, e-mail and other personal information casually from computer users who are not in the know.


This is one of the ways to arrive at an agreement to settle a class action case presented by 38 states that are involved in the project, and Google will need to police their employees aggressively where privacy issues are concerned, while educating the public in preventing potential future privacy violations such as this. Google was also slapped with a $7 million fine, which is loose change for them, but at least Google intends to turn over a new leaf, and that should be the take home lesson, no?

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