They say that a picture speaks a thousand words, so what happens when you check out an image of a Nokia Lumia handset that has the caption which goes, “Sun, sun, sun, here we come!” right under it? This particular quote might sound familiar to those who know all about George Harrison’s masterpiece “Here Comes the Sun,” although there has been some creative license attached to it that paves the way for such a change. Of course, you do not need to be a rocket scientist or a genius to figure out that Nokia could very well be working on some sort of solar charging capability with its Nokia Lumia range of Windows Phone handsets.

Remember early last year when Nokia actually laughed at the idea of relying on the sun as a potential energy source that is green, clean and affordable for smartphones? Sure, Nokia did have five prototypes to mull over the idea, whose performance of the handsets’ efficiency greatly depended on the geographical location where you are, but I guess the time is ripe at this moment to revisit the idea of solar charging capability for Lumia handsets. Surely those living in tropical countries would be able to appreciate such a move?

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