We’ve been hearing of T-Mobile’s network possibly having 4G LTE in the near future, the latest report coming just a few weeks ago saying we could see 4G LTE come some time this year. Considering T-Mobile said that last month, we expected a rollout of 4G LTE to occur within the next 10 months, but the company is announcing it will begin rolling out the service at the end of this month.

T-Mobile’s Engineering Vice President Tom Ellefson said the 4G LTE rollout should improve their experience on its network, regardless if you have an LTE-compatible device or not. The addition of new antennas installed along with LTE hardware means all customers should experience better and faster coverage.

With the expected rollout of its 4G LTE service, T-Mobile is updating a number of handsets, such as the Galaxy Note II, to active their already built-in LTE radios. As of now, only the Galaxy Note II has 4G LTE built into it, but the launch of the BlackBerry Z10 at the end of the month will bring an additional 4G LTE player into the mix.

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