LEGO bricks still evoke a sense of awe and wonder for some folks out there, and so the same can be said of Italian music producer Giuseppe Acito. It seems that Acito has managed to use his love for LEGO bricks as well as acumen in music to come up with what he calls the “Toa Mata Band”, which is actually made up of a few small robotic LEGO figures that have been specially programmed in order to play a range of instruments.

You can more or less say that individual “members” of the band have been constructed from LEGO Bionicle pieces that have been endowed with rubber bands and pulleys in the right places. Their arms will receive instruction from an Arduino Uno that is hooked up to an iPad that has Nord Beat, a MIDI sequencer app, running on it. These small robotic figures can roll out a MIDI sequence when prompted, which means it does pre-programmed tunes as well as impromptu ones if a human is around to add commands to the MIDI sequence in real-time. This is a one-of-a-kind LEGO product out there, so don’t bother looking for another.

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