We don’t know if Stepto has been hacked again. This is just an example image of a “high profile” account.

South Korea isn’t the only place to see some hacking activity occur today as Microsoft has been the victim of a number of “high profile” accounts get hacked.

“A handful of high-profile Xbox LIVE accounts held by current and former Microsoft employees” have in fact been compromised, said Microsoft in a statement to The Verge. The method used to acquire access to these accounts reportedly utilized the employee’s social security numbers along with some social engineering, which we assume means using pictures of the meals they are about to eat during their travels. Microsoft denies the SSNs were obtained from their connected Xbox Live account, instead pointing blame at a third party for the leaked SSNs.

Microsoft says they’re working with both “law enforcement and other affected companies” in order to hopefully close the hole this hack uncovered. At this time no one knows who exactly carried out these attacks on the high profile Xbox Live accounts, although ultimately we’re sure you’re glad you probably don’t consider yourself a high profile person. And if you are, well, we think you might want to keep an eye on your Xbox Live account for a couple of days.

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