Iron Man 3 is just a little over one week away from being released to theaters across the U.S., and we’re hoping you’re making a special trip to Japan to experience the film in 4D. If you would rather not spend thousands of dollars to watch the film in another country, then how about a few thousand to have a life-size Iron Man figure?

The figure is a reproduction of the Iron Man Mark 42 suit, which will be one of the suits featured in Iron Man 3, and will only cost you $8,500 when you buy it from the folks at Sideshow Collectibles. The figure, which we hesitate to call a statue for how large it is, is over 7 feet tall and is painted with high-gloss automotive paint that helps give it its shine. The Iron Man figure also has LEDs equipped in its eyes, arc reactor, palms and display base to effectively make it a rather large lamp in addition to being a figure.

Once you commit to buying the figure, you better stick to your guns as Sideshow Collectibles requires a $1,700 non-refundable deposit upon ordering, as well as a $500 flat-rate shipping fee. Although if you have enough to seriously consider buying the figure without thinking twice, then we’re sure the deposit and shipping charge is mere peanuts to someone like you.

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