focustwistSome of you guys might have heard of the Lytro camera, a camera which basically snaps photos first and allows you to focus on different parts of the image later. Pretty handy in a situation where you just want to capture the moment rather than worry about having the right focus. In any case wouldn’t it be cool if our smartphones could do something similar? While such technology has yet to make their way into our smartphones, an app by the name of FocusTwist can help you achieve that effect, albeit by cheating a little.

Basically what the app does is that it snaps a series of images and brackets the focuses, and then by combining them, users will be able to choose different parts of the image that they want the focus to be on. We have yet to try the app out for ourselves, but it seems that it might not be perfect as the user will be required to stand still while the app snaps the series of photos. Priced at $2, for those looking for an interesting way to snap photos or get that Lytro effect, it can be downloaded via the iTunes App Store.

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