As if Google Glass fanatics aren’t already restless enough to get their hands on one, Google has uploaded its how to use Glass video tutorial on YouTube, showing this amazing piece of wearable technology in action. Right now Google Glass Explorer Edition has only been shipped out to a select few Explorers who have been discovering and tinkering with their units, some have even managed to root their Google Glass.

The idea of this video tutorial is to give people an idea of what it would be like to use a heads up display that is just above their line of sight. This introductory video also shows how the touchpad on the side has to be used in order to perform the simplest of tasks, such as sharing content with friends or scrolling through information from various sources. The entire video is a little over one minute, so it isn’t exactly a full blown hands on tutorial of Google Glass. It merely addresses the very basic interaction a user will have with their unit. On that note, let me remind you that Eric Schmidt has said that we won’t be getting a Google Glass until next year. So just sit back, gawk and don’t forget to pick your chin up off the floor!

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