twitter-glassGoogle Glass is not going to arrive for the mass consumer market this year, as Google’s Eric Schmidt has already mentioned that Google Glass for the general populace would arrive only sometime in 2014, which is a bummer for those who have already saved up $1,500 somewhere, ready and waiting to pick one up after missing the developer edition bandwagon. Well, you cannot purchase one from the second hand market because Google has expressly mentioned that they will brick your Google Glass should you resell or loan it out. Bummer. Having said that, waiting for 2014 might not be such a bad idea after all, since it gives time for developers to come up with some solid apps for it.

Case in point, it seems that a Twitter app for Google Glass has already been developed, or is undergoing testing at the moment, where a now-deleted tweet that you see above suggested just as much – a Twitter app for Google Glass, where photos were taken “#throughglass.” What do you think of the “proof” that was picked up by TechCrunch? Is it an extremely clever Photoshop job or the real deal?

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