hologram-catwalkArtist and fashion designer Hussein Chalayan should not be a strange name to anyone, as he has not lost the ability to surprise and enthrall the audience with different experiences when it comes to the world of haute couture. The thing is, in order to be on the bleeding edge of technology, it can get more and more challenging as time progresses since the next breakthrough could very well be more difficult to surpass than before. Earlier this year, the two-in-one dresses from his F/W 2013 collection managed to create their fair share of waves on the runway, not to mention his collaboration with Puma a couple of years back. How then, has he progressed for this year?

His most recent project comprises of a collection of skinny pants and dresses that were done in collaboration with a denim company known as Mavi. In order to spruce things up a whole lot more, Chalayan and Mavi decided to present the entire collection with the help of a holographic catwalk., and you can then imagine just how the entire fashion show would have been. Cool is the least that one can describe it as.

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