motorolaVSapple-550x366Earlier this morning, the folks over at ITC passed a ruling that obviously favored Apple from Cupertino, which would translate to another legal defeat for Motorola, as the ITC ruled that the iPhone did not infringe upon Motorola’s patents. This would mean it has been a couple of losses for the subsidiary of Google since Friday, especially when a German court then denied Motorola Germany an injunction against Microsoft concerning a rather dubious push notification patent.


The patent that Motorola alleged Apple’s iPhone to infringe was this – sensors which prevent a handset from dialing a phone number by mistake whenever a touchscreen is pushed up against a user’s face. Having arrived at this particular decision, it would mean that the ITC has finished their investigation, and arrived at a final conclusion, that no violation to the ‘862 patent was made. Where do you think the next victory on Apple’s legal front would come from?

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