apple-vs-samsung3Samsung and Apple are not the best of friends at this point in time, as the latter was awarded $1 billion in damages in last year’s court ruling, which has led to appeals as well as a fraying working relationship between both behemoths in their respective industries. Well, for watchers on the sidelines who are interested to know how Apple and Samsung’s second patent trial will pan out (which is set to begin sometime in March next year), Judge Lucy Koh has laid down some ground rules to make life easier for everyone.


She issued an order to both Samsung and Apple that they are to limit the number of accused products to 10 for each side, while Apple, obviously living up to their previous motto of thinking differently, prefers an alternate proposal that would enable each side to accuse “representative products” and, and should any of those be found to infringe on a patent, such similar products can be thrown into the mix. Judge Koh has also ensured that both sides would agree to the trial being limited to just 12 days, so they had better pull in their best expert witnesses to get the “job” done, so to speak, as soon as possible without delaying it any further.

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