In a preliminary decision, a judge of the International Trade Commission said that Samsung is infringing a very crucial part of a patent held by Apple, by adding text-selection feature in its devices which include both tablets and smartphones. This could mean trouble for the Korean manufacturer, because if the ruling is upheld, Samsung could be barred from importing devices in to the U.S. Apple says that the Galaxy, Nexus, Transform and other devices are infringing upon its patent. It is now up to the final decision of a full commission to either uphold or overturn this decision, which is expected in August.


The same judge also ruled that Samsung devices did not infringe on an Apple patent that allows devices to detect if another device or a microphone have been plugged in to the microphone jack. The decision was issued on the 26th of March but kept confidential so that both Samsung and Apple could redact sensitive business information. The complaint against Samsung was fined by Apple back in 2011, seven patents were initially listed, though one was dropped from the list during litigation.

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