There are DIY projects, and then there are DIY projects – the ones that separate the men from the boys. Case in point, check out this particular six-legged robotic walking machine that is known as the Mantis, created by a man who happens to hail from Winchester. Matt Denton is the founder and chief designer of Micromagic Systems, where the Mantis is a labor of love which required four years of development, where it is powered by a 2.2 litre Turbo Diesel engine.

Just how the heck does one control something that is so huge? Well, it relies on a Wi-Fi connection to get the job done, where it stands tall at 2.8 meters and tips the scales at nearly two tons – that is approximately 1,900kg. Good luck trying to find a garage that fits this behemoth in, right beside your coterie of vehicles. The Mantis might plod along slowly, but it is capable of handling just about any terrain thanks to its “six-axis” body control that will level itself automatically for the pilot, in addition to grabbing scampering humans with its arms. Nay, I meant objects. Too bad the Mantis is not up for purchase, but if you would like to make a splash, you can always hire it for private events. Check out a video of the Mantis in action above.

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