Angry Birds Seasons titles are much loved by afficionados of the game. Rovio, the developer of this hugely popular franchise, has hinted that a new Seasons title is coming. The release will apparently be themed around the spring season and will be the 16th Angry Birds Seasons title. The release will correspond with the current season, just like all titles before it have. Apart from releasing a teaser image, Rovio hasn’t said much about this upcoming title.

One change to the leaderboards that was fan requested has been announced. Scores gained through power ups will appear differently and will be indicated as such after the release of this latest title. Rovio hasn’t said anything about the actual game, the text being sucked in to the vortex in this cryptic image might be a hint. Perhaps Angry Birds Seasons is getting blackholes, the ones we find in Angry Birds Space? The starry sky in this image hints that the title might be night themed. We only have this one single image to base all theories on. Rovio hasn’t said when it plans on releasing the new Seasons title.

[Image via ABN]

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