music-live-tilesIf there is one app or software that does not need an “incognito mode” at all, it would be MP3 players. After all, you would be proud to wear the name of your favorite band in the form of a tattoo on your forearm, so that the world will know what an amazing band they are. The more obscure the name, the better, since it shows what a non-conformist that you are to the rest of the masses, or sheeple, as you call them. Well, Windows Phone 8 users would be pleased to hear that Nokia Music has been revamped, where it is now capable of keeping track of your listening history.


Not only that, there is also a Live Tile option which shows off different kinds of important information concerning the music that is being played, where among these will include details such as artist and song names. Apart from that, the above mentioned history feature will also take a virtual note of the most recently played tracks, while ensuring that the download section of the app’s mix radio stations has also received an update of its own.

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