pureview808For those who have not heard about the Lytro camera, it’s basically a camera that allows users to shoot their photos first, and choose which points to focus later on. It is pretty handy as it allows photographers to capture the moment without having to worry about having the correct focus. Interestingly a report on Bloomberg has suggested that Nokia could be interested in a similar technology and could be looking to invest in a Californian startup company which creates Lytro-style camera technology which could be slim enough to fit into mobile phones.

Considering that Nokia has been known in the past to create phones where the emphasis has been placed on the camera, the idea of Nokia pursuing such technology would not be a stretch of the imagination. The company in question is called Pelican Imaging which produces a sensor array similar to the Lytro in which the focal point in a photo can be applied after the photo has been taken. What makes it “better” is the fact that through its technology and algorithmic processing, it can do away with the extra lens required by Lytro’s field technique, ultimately allowing it to be squeezed into a mobile phone.

While this is an interesting feature, we’re not sure if it would make or break a consumer’s decision to purchase a phone, although it would probably end up appealing to photography enthusiasts who want the best camera they can get out of their phone.

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