nokia-win8Nokia has vehemently denied that they have a Windows 8 powered tablet in the pipeline, although developers do seem to work against Nokia’s favor as they on the other hand, keep on leaking it, so we as consumers remain up in arms. Is Nokia going to churn out a Windows 8 tablet for the masses, or are they not going to do so? The latest development on a potential Windows 8 tablet by Nokia sees a developer write that he was one person who helped design a proposal for an exclusive Nokia Tablet app.

Considering how the Finnish smartphone company’s Lumia handsets are full of exclusive apps which seem to work in the Windows Phone 8 ecosystem, it would not be a stretch of the imagination to see Nokia work on something similar, albeit in the tablet format. The same developer said, “Helped design and concept the Adidas micoach app proposal for the Nokia Tablet. The Tablet App intended to be an extension of coaches allowing them to build teams and monitor individual trainings for each athlete. The way that works is to connect the app to existing technology on Adidas products to read the workout data registered by cell chip implants. The app also tapped into the community allowing users to challenge each other by sending notifications to friends and their social feeds” What do you think?

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