apple-1-auctionWe have talked about at least three Apple I auctions in the past, and here we are with yet another one from German auction house Team Breker, who managed to perform quite a feat in rounding up a rather interesting array of significant “firsts” where the computing world is concerned. Their upcoming auction in Koln, Germany, is set to happen on May 25, and you might be thrilled to hear that another one of the six known original Apple I computers that are still in working condition too, will be part of the auction.

Of course, that is not the oldest item on auction, as one from a few centuries back would be a mechanical calculator that is the creation of philosopher and physicist Blaise Pascal, which hails all the way from the year 1652. Other than that, the first Intel microprocessor known as the 4004 from 1971 will also be up for grabs if you are interested, in addition to a 1975 Altair 8800. Would the last working Apple I computer manage to fetch more than $640,000 this time around?

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