dna-chipYesterday, we saw a precocious teenager come up with a DIY DNA testing machine, simply as part of an effort to make sure that the world will no longer tease he and his brother that they have a different father each, but the fact that his younger brother’s curly red hair is due to genetic mutation. Well, here is something else to do with DNA, where Panasonic has come up with a new kind of small chip which has also been touted to be the fastest and smallest DNA testing lab in the world.

In fact, it is said that with this new DNA testing lab from Panasonic, work that normally require a whole lot of time has been successfully reduced to mere minutes. The “blood lab”, as one might call it, is no larger than the quarter jingling in your pocket with the rest of your loose change, and all it needs is a single drop of blood onto some chemical mixture, and the chip will get to work right away, extracting DNA from the blood before coming up with the relevant results.

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