tetris-lazy-eyeWe have seen Tetris make its way to not only Smart TVs but smart watches as well, and there is always a good time to play Tetris no matter where you are, regardless of the device which you are going to enjoy playing it. The next time you are going to play Tetris for an excessively long time and someone chides you, just tell whoever is nagging you to stop that you are trying to fix your lazy eye condition, never mind that you don’t have such a condition in the first place. After all, it is a legit excuse now, as Canadian doctors have arrived at a conclusion that they discovered that playing Tetris is a new method to treat lazy eye.


The McGill University team found out that the popular tile-matching puzzle is good enough to train both eyes to work hand-in-hand, or rather, eyeball-in-eyeball together. A small study that involves 18 adults showed that Tetris as a vehicle of recovery worked better compared to conventional patching of the good eye in order to help the weak one work harder. I wonder whether Tetris is able to fix any other kinds of ailments.

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