Steve Jobs has always been fascinating as a figure. Various stories about his presentation style and how he worked have been widely reported and read. For some, who have merely scratched the surface of his personality, Steve Jobs is only the visionary who made and then decades later turned Apple around. Jobs had a significant role in the formation of Pixar Animation Studios, it is no secret that he kept the studio afloat by pumping in millions of dollars of his own money till they were able to release Toy Story. This was Pixar’s first feature film and it become a major hit. Years later he sold Pixar to Disney for some $4 billion in shares.


Steve passed away back in October, 2011. Pixar honored his memory by remembering him in the credits of Brave, the film they released in 2012. Recently a tree was dedicated to him at Pixar’s campus, it stands alone on the grass near the main campus building, which is now called The Steve Jobs Building. One must agree, the solitary nature of the tree does make it look more beautiful.

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