We’re a little over a month into spring, which means we’re getting closer and closers to summer, or as I like to refer to it as backyard BBQ season. There’s nothing better than spending a relaxing Sunday afternoon in your backyard, grilling up some hot dogs, hamburgers and various other red meats. But two things barbecues should always have are ribs and chicken, although they can have your guests question their relation to you if you get various sauces all over your face, neck and shirt. That’s where Trongs come in.

Trongs are small plastic apparatuses that fit onto your index, middle fingers and your thumb to allow you to grab onto your sauce-filled food without dirtying your delicate digits. Trongs are currently available for purchase at Amazon and are said to be the great for eating sushi, shrimp cocktail, potato chips and more. We just hope the deafening sounds of laughter pointed in your direction as you use Trongs at a social gathering is well worth it as we’re sure no one will take you serious if you’re trying to discuss a serious topic while clamping your Trongs on a sour cream & onion potato chip.

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