We’ve been hearing some interesting rumors in regards to Windows 8.1 over the past few weeks, such as the next Windows update possibly including a “Boot to Desktop” option. It seems Microsoft may be considering bringing back the old feel of Windows with this option, and it might be taking it a step further as it’s being reported today Microsoft will bring back the much-missed Start button to Windows 8.1.

The report is coming from sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans and have revealed Windows 8.1 is expected to mark the return of the Start button. The Start button in Windows 8.1 will simply allow users to access the Start Screen and will not bring back the Start Menu of yester-Windows. The Start button is expected to look nearly identical to the current Windows flag that is used in the Charm bar.

If this turns out to be true, the change will certainly be met with both pros and cons from Windows users. Either way, Microsoft considering to include such a change to its Windows 8 platform means the company is certainly listening to its customers and wants to offer options that all of its customers could use. I, for one, would welcome the return of the Start button with open arms.

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