It would be safe to say that Samsung has ushered in the era of large phones a.k.a phablets, devices which are a cross between smartphones and tablets. With its Galaxy Note, Samsung proved that it could sell people a device that had a screen equal to or larger than 5″ and still had phone functionality. Now the company has Galaxy Mega out in the market, which has even bigger screen. To get a footing in this market, Apple has long been rumored to be working on a phablet of its own. However, Peter Misek of Jefferies says that Apple won’t be able to do that until the middle of next year.


Pisek says that the research Jefferies has done on Apple’s technology which indicates that the company won’t be able to produce a tablet until summer of 2014. For then it might be a bit late, as Samsung is likely to have launched new models of its Galaxy S and Galaxy Note smartphones. Misek believes that the market pressure for smartphones with larger screens will continue to rise, though Apple won’t reportedly be able to capitalize it as it does not have such a device on offer.

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