beammeupIt was just a couple of days ago when we saw how Google had a Breakout Easter Egg to tease the masses with in their search engine, and certainly their search engine rival, Microsoft, does not want to get left behind in the “game”. This has resulted in Microsoft’s Bing homepage helping you to boldly go where no homepage has gone before. Surely Star Trek fans would know by now of a Star Trek Easter Egg there, where you pay a visit to and enter one of the secret phrases in the search box in order to be transported to the Final Frontier.

Of course, it goes without saying that watching the latest Star Trek movie in the cinemas is a whole lot more fun compared to mucking around on a search engine. Which do you think is the better Easter Egg this time around – the one from Google, or Microsoft’s attempt to flirt with Trekkies? In fact, earlier yesterday morning, we saw how Microsoft’s Bing Translator added Klingon into its list of supported languages, now how about that?

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