Inductive-LED-ring-Wedding rings come in all shapes and sizes, from the more classic designs, to the more gamer-centric designs, but here’s a particular design which we’re sure will have both geeks and romantics gushing. As you can see in the image above, the light coming from the ring is not from glittering diamonds, nope, it’s actually coming from a couple of LED lights which has been embedded into it, and what makes it even cooler and romantic is the fact that the LED lights will only turn on when their hands are held by another person, e.g. the husband/wife.

Designed and made from scratch by Ben Kokes, he decided that he didn’t just want to give his wife any ordinary diamond ring, which is why he came up with this idea. The ring features a titanium band and sports several LED lights placed under its surface. A copper wire also runs in the ring and when exposed to the right alternating magnetic field, which Kokes wears under his jacket to conceal the device, will help power the LED lights and turn them on when the couples hold hands. It’s a pretty cool and romantic idea, and if you think you have the chops and resources to make something similar, Kokes has listed out the process on his website.

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