If you’re the kind of person who relies on your friends and family to get you into your home as you misplace your keys on a regular basis, then getting into Facebook is probably as difficult if you don’t automatically save your password on your computer or mobile device. That’s why Facebook is giving your friends the power to help you get back into the social network if you accidentally get locked out with a new security feature called “Trusted Contacts.”

Facebook’s Trusted Contacts feature is pretty simple: select three to five friends to help you get back into your account by having security codes sent to them the next time you have trouble logging into Facebook. Once those codes are sent to your friends, they can pass their code along to you, with a total of three security codes required to recover your account.

Facebook is saying one of the benefits for its Trusted Contacts feature is users will no longer need to remember the answer to their security question or to be tasked to fill out long web forms in order to prove who you are. We just hope the people you trust with this feature don’t hold your security code ransom, or you could be doing a lot of legwork just to gain access to your Facebook account.

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