Last month, we heard a lot about Google Babel as we saw screenshots of its web interface were leaked as well as a rumor of it supporting Google Voice when it’s launched. It looks like the rumor mill is picking up again as we’re hearing a new rumor in regards to Google Babel.

The recent rumor concerning Google Babel reportedly comes from a source inside of Google who revealed some information on the service to TechRadar. According to the source, Google Babel will be renamed to Google Hangouts ahead of its public debut at Google I/O next week. The Babel moniker was used originally by Google internally throughout the service’s development, but the source says it has officially been dropped.

Before you throw a rage-filled comment our way saying Google Hangouts is already the name of one of its services, we’re well aware of this and the source says the new Google Hangouts will incorporate Google Chat, Google Talk and Google+ Messenger all in one service. Either way, the source also says we should expect Google to announce its new Google Hangouts at Google I/O as the company has sent out an email to employees working on the service to thank them for their efforts ahead of the event.

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