google-maps-newA couple of weeks ago word on the street was that Facebook was interested in acquiring mapping company, Waze. Now thanks to a new report, it seems that Google is having none of it and could be considering starting a bidding war to acquire the company for themselves instead. According to the reports, Waze currently has more than one party interested in them and their technology and are reportedly asking for a price of more than $1 billion , although they might end up remaining independent if they are able to raise money for themselves via venture capital financing.

As Google already has a mapping software of their own in the form of Google Maps, but with the acquisition of Waze, it has been speculated that Google could use Waze’s technology to add a more social aspect to Maps, which we guess in turn could benefit its social network, Google+, which some view as a possible competitor of Facebook. Naturally Waze declined to comment on this new rumor, so take it with a grain of salt for now.

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