Ah, scanning. I still remember the early days of scanners for the PC, where they came in this particularly huge and unwieldy form factor, being large in nature and of course, was noisy like all get out. Fast forward to today, and scanners have taken on a totally different look without sacrificing on its ability, although you can be sure that advances in the right direction have been made. IRIS has long been a fan of optical character recognition, and this time around, their next-generation IRIScan Book 3 and the IRIScan Book 3 Executive portable scanners will run on battery power, allowing mobile users to capture paper documents, receipts, and photos among others in a jiffy without the need for a computer.

You can use both the cordless IRIScan Book 3 and IRIScan Book 3 Executive to scan straight to an included microSD memory card in either black/white or color with 300, 600 and 900 dpi scanning resolutions. Not only that, there is no need to install any drivers, and files are easily transferred by hooking up the scanner with the included USB cable, or you can simply insert the microSD memory card into the computer instead. The IRIScan Book 3 will run off a trio of AAA batteries, while the IRIScan Book 3 Executive has Wi-Fi connectivity. Interested parties can pick up the IRIScan Book 3 and IRIScan Book 3 Executive for $99 and $129 respectively.

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