nokia-lumia-925-preview-06We know that Nokia has recently confirmed that they are interested in producing tablets, but the million dollar question is, when? Is this merely something the Finnish company thinks would be a good idea, or has Nokia already begun work on it? While Reddit isn’t exactly the most reliable when it comes to retrieving information, especially since anyone can post and claim to be someone they’re not, an interesting thread has popped up in which the poster has revealed some hints about the future of Nokia’s products, include the rumored Nokia EOS, along with hints about the alleged Nokia phablet device and the next major update of Windows Phone.

Next iteration of Windows Phone updates or devices? GDR2 (next update) is coming with 925 and will be pushed to all WP8 phones in June/July. Then we have a bigger updated called GDR3, which is set for fall debut, bringing 1080p display support, etc. In early 2014 we will see Windows Phone Blue, the final chapter in WP’s book, which will unite all Microsoft’s platforms together with common APIs, etc: Windows 8, Xbox and WP.

Info that I have indicated Nokia EOS phone (high end camera, 41 mpx or something in that range). It will debut this summer and a Nokia phablet/tablet for 2013 Holidays. Can’t share that, unfortunately. HTC and Huawaei will too release one device each for 2013 holidays and one low-mid range phone in summer. ATM, Samsung does not plan any 2013 holiday releases, only one phone for summer.

Like we said, while it does sound pretty interesting, it is not the most credible leak we’ve seen so take it with a grain of salt for now, but what do you guys think? Could we see Nokia debut a 1080p Full HD Lumia device later this year?

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