[CES 2011] Aren’t these the coolest pair of glasses ever? Yup, Lady Gaga’s very own pair of eyewear by Polaroid features individual 1.5” OLED displays on each eye, so you don’t need to wear a bacon inspired dress to a social function nor be scantily clad to have people look your way. Just put on a pair of these and you’re good to go. Of course, they not only draw attention to your face instead of the hot little number you’re wearing that particular evening that tends to have roaming eyes go below the neckline. Inside the GL20 glasses lie an SD memory card slot to store your 5-megapixel photos, and there is a shutter button located on one side of the GL20 to snap photos discreetly. Out this holiday seasons, you might want to start saving up for something different this Christmas.


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