skype-lyncHere is an announcement that would certainly bring a smile to the faces of Skype and Lync customers – regardless of which platform you decide to run on, you can now hook up to one another thanks to the introduction of Lync-Skype connectivity. In a nutshell, Skype users will be able to reach a broader network of colleagues, partners and customers who tend to favor the Lync platform, which so happens to be Microsoft’s unified communications platform. This would enable one another to hook up to organizations of all sizes.

It has been touted that Lync delivers a consistent, single client experience for presence, instant messaging, voice, video and meetings for business productivity, and so happened to be used by more than 90 of the Fortune Global 100 companies. Getting everything up and running is as simple as connecting your contacts on Lync with the latest Skype client and requiring a Microsoft account. This Lync-Skype connectivity would do away with traditional barriers that were erected no thanks to the rules of different devices, applications and networks, where it will clearly place people back at the center of the communications experience. [Press Release]

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