A lot of people are very conscious about the amount of calories they take in every day. Depending upon various factors like age, gender, height and weight, an average human being needs around 2000 to 2700 calories each day. Even if you’re one of those people who never seem to put on weight despite how much you eat, its always best to know your calorie consumption. ASAP Science has made a video in which they present a whole new way of understanding calories, you’ll also be very surprised to see how 200 calories look like in different kinds of foods.

This video provides a lot of context and it even breaks down the definition of a calorie in the simplest terms. Interesting examples are given as well, for example a whole glass of Coke would contain 200 calories as opposed to half a glass of whole milk with the same amount of calories. The quantity might be less, but whole milk actually has more nutrients. Google has started displaying nutritional information of over 1,000 foods in its search results, so if you’re unsure about the calorie content in something, that information is only a web search away.

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