tupac-hologramIt was at Coachella 2012 when the world was treated to a pseudo-hologram of the late Tupac, who duked it out on stage with Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg, belting out a couple of his songs as well (as you can see above). The so-called holograph then is different from viewing a regular 3D TV image, as there is no need for a pair of special glasses, considering how he can be viewed from just about any angle from the audience’s vantage point. How cool would it be if such technology could be replicated in the comfort of our living rooms? This is what engineers over at the Object-Based Media Group at the MIT Media Lab, with V. Michael Bove Jr. leading the group, are working on, hoping that such technology could eventually allow for a similar experience right smack in your home.

Obviously, a fair number of components are still required to be perfected in a lab environment before it can be mass produced and included in any TV before such a consumer electronics device is able to project a hologram, but that day is inching closer, and Bove even shared, “Any electronic holographic display needs a chip that can make a whole lot of tiny pixels.” This new chip is said to be able to generate billions of pixels, resulting in a larger and more colorful hologram than ever before.

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